Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Fun Begins

Some say summer officially starts the weekend of Memorial Day with cook outs and the opening of pools and beaches. Some say summer officially starts when you get your first sunburn (did that already). And some say that summer officially begins on June 21st. I say the summer begins when both Savannah and I no longer have to wake up to go to school! So our summer has already begun and with intensity!

It was a hard school year for me, but Buddha finished with straight A's and had a blast. On her last day, I picked her up and we ate Taco Bell (her choice), watched COPS (again her choice), played Operation Shrek and the My Little Pony Game, tortured the dog, took a hot bath, painted toe and finger nails, made double chocolate brownies and ended the evening watching Jesus Christ Superstar...whats the buzz tell me whats a it! On our first officially day of summer we did what we have wanted to do since last summer and that was to not set an alarm and sleep until we were ready to get up! We lounged, ate breakfast, went to the library to start stocking up on our summer reading list books, and then went shopping. Later that evening she had a softball game right in the middle of the Hawks playoff game but they both did well! We got home just in time to see the overtime goal scored by Patrick Kane to win the Stanley Cup! I have to say that that is one fantastic day to the beginning of summer!

On our second day of summer, we made our second trip to the water park where once again I got burned...seriously I am brown enough already and I used sunscreen...albeit it was only a 4 but that is more than the previous burn! Nonetheless we had a great time and I still love you Mr. Sun and Mrs. Water Park...until we meet again! Day 2 a success!

Day 3 we made history. OK so we broke some rules and got up early only to travel to Chicago to be a part of the parade for the World Champion Blackhawks. It was hot and humid and VERY VERY Crowded to say the least...2 million or something like that...but this chlostrophic was NOT counting! It was neat to see the team and to see the Stanley Cup in person, its huge and very shinny and very silver! I told Savannah that there were people who never got to experience what we just did, and we will have that forever! As soon as I am able to pry the memory card from Jen's hand, I will post some pics.

Its Friday and not even a whole week has passed and I have been having the best time with my baby girl...What will be next!? Stay tuned!

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