Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Fun Begins

Some say summer officially starts the weekend of Memorial Day with cook outs and the opening of pools and beaches. Some say summer officially starts when you get your first sunburn (did that already). And some say that summer officially begins on June 21st. I say the summer begins when both Savannah and I no longer have to wake up to go to school! So our summer has already begun and with intensity!

It was a hard school year for me, but Buddha finished with straight A's and had a blast. On her last day, I picked her up and we ate Taco Bell (her choice), watched COPS (again her choice), played Operation Shrek and the My Little Pony Game, tortured the dog, took a hot bath, painted toe and finger nails, made double chocolate brownies and ended the evening watching Jesus Christ Superstar...whats the buzz tell me whats a it! On our first officially day of summer we did what we have wanted to do since last summer and that was to not set an alarm and sleep until we were ready to get up! We lounged, ate breakfast, went to the library to start stocking up on our summer reading list books, and then went shopping. Later that evening she had a softball game right in the middle of the Hawks playoff game but they both did well! We got home just in time to see the overtime goal scored by Patrick Kane to win the Stanley Cup! I have to say that that is one fantastic day to the beginning of summer!

On our second day of summer, we made our second trip to the water park where once again I got burned...seriously I am brown enough already and I used sunscreen...albeit it was only a 4 but that is more than the previous burn! Nonetheless we had a great time and I still love you Mr. Sun and Mrs. Water Park...until we meet again! Day 2 a success!

Day 3 we made history. OK so we broke some rules and got up early only to travel to Chicago to be a part of the parade for the World Champion Blackhawks. It was hot and humid and VERY VERY Crowded to say the least...2 million or something like that...but this chlostrophic was NOT counting! It was neat to see the team and to see the Stanley Cup in person, its huge and very shinny and very silver! I told Savannah that there were people who never got to experience what we just did, and we will have that forever! As soon as I am able to pry the memory card from Jen's hand, I will post some pics.

Its Friday and not even a whole week has passed and I have been having the best time with my baby girl...What will be next!? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So...WHAT IF???

My dear friend Betty had posted a link to a blog from one of her favorite christian authors. The lead was that many authors use the questions of "What if..." Curious I wanted to check it out. I read some of it and the premise was rather interesting as to how authors use that technique to spark their fiction or to advance it. The author then began to show how he used the question to make a difference in the world, such as, "What if I were to start a mentoring program in churches..." something of that nature. He used many more examples of this good natured, go-getter inspiration. He then posed the question to the readers to ask their own life 'What if's' not to look back on regrets, but to dream forward, dream big. The idea was to change your life, move it forward it a positive way and adventurous way just as so many authors do to charge their main characters and their actions. So naturally I took the bait!

Due to my sick mind, I of course started with the sad "What if'"s such as, "What if my mom was still alive? What if I had more money, a better car?" Many of those who read the this author's blog were then invited to post 5 inspiring, life changing 'What if's' and they were amazing. After I was done being morbid I thought what would my questions be? Now here is where it really gets good and philosophical. What if I was thinner, at least 75 pounds thinner....oh the things that I could do (or the people I could do for that matter! ) What if I could actually run a mile and not fall over from back pain, knee pain, asthma, or just sheer laziness? What if I actually joined the gym down the street instead of saying, "Oh I should really give them a call" as I am on my way to DQ ...or Wendys...or the Gyros place. What if, for once in my life, I didn't crave grease, sugar, carbohydrates, high fructose gunk, or FAT of any kind or substance??? I loves me my red meat and Twinkies...not together, but then again I really haven't tried that yet (Note to self!) What if, due to my fat self, I could no longer fit into a tanning booth! I know, I know I could always tan outside but then again in this area that is only three months of a year what about the other 9!? Tanning would for sure be a reason to lose weight, I can stand some of the pounds as long as they are brown ones! Or better yet, sticking to the tanning theme, What if I was so thin I no longer had weird looking tan lines on my body due to excess skins and other unknown structures ( don't know where things land when I am laying down...thank goodness there are no mirrors inside the beds!) What if I could fit into size 9 jeans or size 9 anything, the shopping I could do and how fashionable I would become! It is not the older you get the sadder the clothes are, it is the fatter you are because no one wants to see THAT much of a cute pattern of ANY kind! Clothes for fat people are boring ...and a bit old, shit...I am on my way to being fat AND old!? BORING! What if I wasn't so fat that I could actually bend over without grunting? I would stop alerting my poor dog Wrigley that something was the matter with me and avoid the gracious tongue kiss from my beloved animal. The amount of gagging saved from choosing slip on shoes! What if my daughter was repulsed at the sight of me jiggling my ass for her, instead of being entertained as she cheers on, "Go Mommy, go!"What if...

You can see that ALL of me is completely obsessed with the 'What if's' of weight, oh hell, of FAT! I can go on but I must peel myself from the couch and attempt to pry the grime off of my seven-year-old. Till more fatness...ta ta

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Denied on FB!

I have had my first catastrophe on Facebook. My first devastating loss. I have been deleted from someones friend list. WHY!? and why does it bother me soooo much!? I haven't been friends with this person since middle school and it is not like we actually talked on FB! I feel like I am in high school all over again and everyone knows, everyone is talking about it! YIKES! The shame. It is almost like the time, everyone has been there before, when you first had a crush on someone and they asked to be your boyfriend or girlfriend which ever the case and you started to "date". Well there is really nothing there to begin with and after 48 hours the relationship is over and you are devastated! Common sense tells you it is no big deal you fool, you really didn't know or like him that well anyway. But the fact that everyone knew the two of you hooked up and now it is over...LOSER! That's what it is. I am a big fat loser, I can't even be friends with people on FB! Well you know what, I am done crying over you. You know what you can do FB friend, you can kiss my big fat tan ass! I obviously did NOT like you enough to continue being friends with you in high school and in adult life so why would I care now! You're the loser, with too much time on your hands. That's it, enough said, I rule! Sorry about this post it was written with the help of a little red saucy friend I like to call Sangria :) yummmmmy!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holy Shit...Its a new year already!?

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have blogged. I was threatened, I mean warned, by a friend that I needed to update. She was right. In short, the reasons I have neglected to blog are as follows:
-the death of a friend
-back pain
-fog from back pain
-pain medicine coma from back pain
-trying to make it to the end of the school year through the fog, coma, and back pain
-back surgery number one
-vacation through Tenessess and fun
-water park and sun :)
-Physical Therapy...ouch
-which lead to more back pain
-start of a new school year
-back surgery number two
-someone stole my bank info took money (big mess)
-tax and money issues UGH
-the discovery of facebook and farmville
-throw into that crazy mix a wonderful and active little girl and that is why no blogging
I know that you will say, Those are things you should be blogging shit! But when you are in the massive pain and medicine coma that I was in, you forget a lot of stuff. I forgot I even had a blog site. There are those of you out there I might have had conversations with and I cant recall a thing! Sorry that is due to several doses of vicadin (sp?), muscle relaxers, nerve pain meds, and a myriad of other shit to this day I am not sure what it is and what it is for! More stuff on my list of things to do...find out what those meds are and covet them! We will see if 2010 will bring better blogs and more often posts. Till next time...Happy New Year! Bring it on...minus the back pain please!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break 2009

It was to be a week of rest, relaxation, fun, and a little deep cleaning in the house. It ended up full of sorrow, grief, a little fun, and one room got a deep cleaning. My best friend Candee, we have been friends for 26 years, her husband passed away unexpectedly from a massive heart attack on Saturday, the first day of break. Bob was only 47. Bob was the kind of guy who always had a smile on his face and a hug and kiss for every lady and a handshake for every guy. He told great but overly long stories. He always treated me like family and he was the one who introduced me to the love of lobster! We shared our love for coffee and he would never allow me to say no to anything, cause he would just do it anyway for me. I would tease him about his cigar smoking and how it smelled. He didn't care because he loved it! Well he did care that it bothered me...that is the kind of guy he was, more concerned with others than what he wanted. He was a very caring and fun loving dad and he lived for his kids. He leaves behind a 36 year old wife, 19 year old and a 2 1/2 year old daughters and a 17 year old step-daughter. It has been hard because I have been a part of Candee's family since we were kids and so I was there every step of the way. I was there when they wheeled his body out of the house, I was there to help with the planning at the funeral home and the cemetery, I ran Candee around to take care of busy she just couldn't do on her own, I was there early and all day for the wake and funeral and I drove Candee in Bob's beloved 1965 classic Mustang which followed the casket. Bob was my friend and has been for years! I cant even really remember for how long maybe 12 years or more, so it was painful to loose him, but it was also painful to see Candee and his kids go through the grief. I am so drained. I am physically, emotionally, spiritually drained!! I don't know how I am going to go to work next week.

On a good note I did get one day of light hearted fun. I snatched my nieces and daughter from school (they were not on spring break) and we all went to Navy Pier. We had a good time even though the weather was not so good. We laughed a lot and I needed that.

Life is so short and it is not fair. Gone is a good man and great dad, when there are those out there who are mean, evil, and dads who don't care (like Savannah's). I am just having a hard time with all of this. I need to stop now it is just to much. Please pray for me and for Candee and her family. We need strength and comfort at this time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wrigley Update

I cannot believe my other baby is getting so big! :( Yesterday was her half birthday. She continues to fill MY life (not Jen's) life with joy! She is potty trained, except when Jen scares the hell out of her she might pee a little...she is afraid of Jen! But who could ever scare a face like this??

Here is a pic that shows her cute little under bite of a smile. It cracks me up. It only adds to her character.
Being a puppy, she LOVES to chew!

CHEESE...There is that cute little smile!
More love on her chew bone.

"Mom! Really! Enough with the pictures already!!!"
Since I can never call anyone by their birth given name...I nickname everyone...Wrigley is not immune to this. In the few months she has been a part of our family she has accumulated several nicknames: BEAVER FEET, YETTI, WRIG-A-SAUROUS, WIGGLEY WRIGLEY, WRIGS, WRIGGY, and Jen's favorite...JACKASS! Poor dog!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

Well it has been forever...again. But I don't seem too concerned since I don't think anyone reads this anyway, it is more of just a personal diary. I started dieting and counting everything I eat. So far I have lost ONLY six pounds (since Jan 20th) but I haven't gained any so that is moving in the right direction. I have been exercising regularly as well. At school we walk three days a week (which I make at least 2) and I have been doing step and other aerobic videos at home. Savannah sometimes chimes in and works out...its cute. I also bought some hand weights and have been doing some weight and ab work. I just feel consumed by is all I think about and it is sort of depressing! I am so fat and have so far to seems like I will never get there. BUT I am going to try to keep it up and see how far I can get. I keep trying to think of our season passes to the water park. I don't mind prancing around my own yard in a bathing suit BUT in front of tons of people day after day....ohhhhhh!

I am sick of school already and I haven't even made it to spring break yet! we have so many days to make up already it seems as though we will never stop. I have pictures and video I would like to put on the blog but Jen has it on her camera and I need her to upload it so maybe I can get her to put some stuff on here for all! I hope my little pound counter keeps going down.

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